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“Our objective is to help you understand what is going on with your body, what we can help with, and importantly when we can't help, and also what you can do for yourself.”

What to expect when you visit The Osteopath

Your first contact will be with our reception staff: Jane and Dink on the Sunshine coast. They will endeavour to make you an appointment with your practitioner of choice at a time and location that suits you best. Where possible we suggest that any follow up treatment is with the same practitioner as this ensures good continuity of care.


Your osteopath will first take a detailed case history. There is now broad agreement that human illness and disability can only be understood and managed according to a biopsychosocial model which includes biological, psychological and social dimensions, and the case history will reflect this. There are many factors that can influence our symptoms and they all need to be considered.


Next the osteopath will perform a physical examination including any standard medical tests required such as blood pressure or neurological examination. Once this is completed any treatment required will be discussed with you in order to help you give your informed consent to treatment. Advice and reassurance will also be offered about your problem, again this advice will be based on the best available information and scientific evidence.


As one of the founding fathers of Osteopathic Medicine said:


“Find it, Fix it, and leave it alone”


There is no evidence that long term treatment is beneficial so you will not be expected to sign up for long courses of treatment; the key is to relieve the pain and then work with you to restore function so that treatment can be discontinued.


All our consultation rooms are spacious and private to ensure your comfort and privacy.


Initial consultations take between 45-60minutes, follow up consultations take 30 minutes but may run longer depending on the nature of the problem.